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Data loss can be devastating and that’s the main reason that you should have a good backup strategy. Without a proper backup system a customer may risk of losing important files, photos, and other irreplaceable data.

When a hard disk fails, there is still a possibility of data retrieval. Our data recovery service is provided base on the hard drive condition and also cover data recovery from any kind of a hard drive or digital media devices.

In most cases our data recovery equipment and applications can read the damaged hard drives and recovery can be done in house to a CD, DVD, or external hard disk.

In extreme situation, when there is a physical hard drive failure, we will utilize a our partner clean room services. The damaged drive will be disassembled and data recovery will be done using specialized procedure and equipment. This service can be very expensive, but is successful in almost all instances.

While not all data is recoverable, we have a very high rate of success and most important EVALUATION IS FREE.

If we cannot recover your hard drive data – there is no charge.